isobiotec cell homogenizer has a tiny volume which makes the device efficient when dealing with small samples. The device provides minimal loss of material. It comes with a wide range of tungsten carbide balls as part of the basic kit. The homogenizer provides a syringe-based homogenization method that does not require specialized equipment, is easy to handle, and gives reproducible results. Liquid homogenization is the most widely used cell disruption technique, especially with small volumes and cultured cells. In this method, cells are lysed by the action of being forced through a small space, which acts to shear the cell membranes.


isobiotec cell homogenizer features:

  • Special geometrical design of the disperser allows symmetrical clearance of cell suspension
  • 2 to 30 micron clearance in step of 2 micron can be achieved
  • There is almost no wear out and the cell breakage can be performed with low expense
  • A quantitative breakage of cells can be achieved with a small number of passages
  • High reproducibility of cell breakage

Scientist quotes:


"isobiotec cell homogenizer can isolate intact and functional membranes without blending and has the option for size separation"


"The homogenizer can be used to disrupt C. elegans of any stage, including dauers"


"The instrument is gentle enough to allow recovery of functional proteins, RT-PCR quality mRNA, contaminant-free gDNA, as well as coupled mitochondria and intact polysomes. 

It is re-useable, safe, reproducible and sample size is only limited by the syringe volume"

"Your homogenizers provide the best resolution of cell membranes separated by gradient centrifugation"


"Your ball bearing homogenizer has greatly improved the homogeneity of the vesicles and seems much gentler compared to the Dounce Homogenizer

"Highly reliable and easy to handle with few moving parts"

The device can be deployed on various cell types by using tungsten carbide balls of different sizes.
 isobiotec cell homogenizer features three year warranty coverage.

Dimension: LxWxH = 90x40x32 mm

isobiotec cell homogenizer breaks and homogenizes cells gently by using two disposable syringes, cells are passed repeatedly through a bore in a stainless steel block that contains a tungsten carbide ball. Since the diameter of the balls is not much smaller than the diameter of the bore, the cells are forced through narrow passage that breaks them up. 

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